Power Producers Limited, PPL, is the leading consultant, consulting, design engineers in Trinidad, Caribbean for hospitals, health care facilities, clinics, electric, power plants, power stations, factories, manufacturing, industry. We offer design,tender,supervise,train, testing and final hand over.
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Everything is possible

Services overview

Quality standards

project STANDARDS.

With our client, we agree the general project design standards and most importantly specific project design standards. Most projects require some specialized design standards and our expert design team will ensure that our client is fully briefed on alternatives.


Our internal design standards meet industry requirements and are consistent with relevant building codes.

Why choose us ?

Because we truly believe that ... Everything is possible ...
Applying science and technology to businesses and government is one of the challenges of this century. Power Producers Limited can help move your institution into the twenty-first century. Please contact us. We can help !

Available services

We offer a full package of services to our clients; from inception to final hand over. Being flexible we allow our clients the freedom to structure a services package that fits their budget.


It all begins here! We conduct a detailed investigation of your site or existing facilities to develop a clear understanding of your needs and to highlight any possible design restrictions.


Functional design options and their costs are presented on time. Verification workshops are held to ensure compliant designs. The final choice of design option is yours.


Final design drawings including detailing and specifications are provided. Final approval from regulatory agencies are obtained on your behalf.


We supply scope of works, specifications, detailed drawings and bills of quantities consistent with FIDIC requirements to enable a smooth tendering process.


Its important that our designs are accurately implemented. We offer site supervision to ensure industry standard construction techniques and compliant execution of our designs.


We can design and evaluate the training courses that contractors will offer and where necessary we will provide trainers and training material.


As part of the commissioning process we will supervise final testing to ensure full functionality and compliance with building codes and manufacturers specifications. We also prepare warranty documentation.


When its done and tested, we hand it over to you with the proviso that we will ensure correction of any defects that may occur in the liability period..