Power Producers Limited, PPL, is the leading consultant, consulting, design engineers in Trinidad, Caribbean for hospitals, health care facilities, clinics, electric, power plants, power stations, factories, manufacturing, industry. We offer design,tender,supervise,train, testing and final hand over. Directors are Roger Vieira, Tricia Conyers, Adam-Roger Vieira
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Our growing list of target industries

The Power Industry

We offer complete power plant design from 20MW to 200MW. We can supply GTG procurement specifications, BOP design and procurement and most importantly fuel system designs.

Single fuel or multi fuel systems are our speciality. Many owners and operators of electric power plants require the security of multi fuel designs to enable cost effective operation with either liquid or gas fuels. Our multi fuel system design delivers fuel security while maintaining turbine efficiencies.

Even when the GTG is designed for a single fuel such as natural gas, to achieve peak efficiency special fuel systems are often required for filtration and pressure - temperature control. Our single fuel designs deliver high efficiencies approaching manufacturers stated ratings.

Our partnership with Rotring Engineering of Buxtehude, Germany now allows :

Modernization, retrofits and fuel conversion are a big part of our business.

If your organization is planning a new power plant or if you are unhappy with your present fuel costs or if you are suffering low efficiencies then please contact us. We can help !

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

New innovative hospital concepts offering state of the art architectural designs along with high technology engineering systems are what we bring to the Caribbean health care construction industry.

In many cities, hospitals are now integrated into hotels and high rise apartments and even into shopping malls. It is true that the health care industry is changing fast and there is a risk of the Caribbean being left behind, stuck in the last century.

Working with us a private developer or state agency will have access to the future in hospitals. We offer :

To keep apace with new technological improvements in health care, existing hospitals must be rapidly brought into the twenty-first century and here we offer upgrading, modernizing and retrofitting designs. Seldom do you find an organization that is equally proficient at retrofitting works as they are at new designs but we are one such organization. We embrace the difficult upgrading hospital projects.

Our joint venture agreement with RRP Architekten + Ingenieure now allows a full range of hospital design services :

If you are planning a new hospital or health care facility or if you see the need to modernize or upgrade your existing institution then please contact us. We can help !


We offer electrical and mechanical designs for factories and manufacturing plants. Full plant layouts, material handling and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

If you are planning a new manufacturing plant or upgrading your existing facility then please contact us. We can help !

Power plant installations Rotring designed

Modern OT - Forcheim General - RRP design

Hospital - Kemang Indonesia - RRP Design

BMS Control Room - RRP design - Landsberg